Smartmotion X-Urban

Smartmotion X-Urban

Just Arrived!

The 2021 x Urban and its sibling the (step through) Neo represent the continuation of morphing the best performance elements of the hugely successful Smartmotion Xcity.

Both the Neo and X urban continue with the well deserved reviewers nickname “the Landrover of eBikes” They are go anywhere eBikes at home as much on the trails as they are commuting at 40Kph in the city.

The most valuable element to the design of the Xurban is having a trail riding cross bar and an “in-frame” integrated battery BUT still featuring and adjustable stem to enable upright comfort tour - riding posture or a more forward body posture for off road trails

Even better… Smartmotion have continued with their high torque rock solid reliable Dapu mid drive.

These mid-drive motors allow for a range of power options easily changed at your finger tips whilst on the fly.

A) “Power” (Known as cadence sensed pedal assistance) , this provides a zippy feel - great for commuting without getting all sweaty - Yep…. up to 40kph!!

B) “Normal” ( Known as Torque sensed assistance), this provides an authentic ride feel - i.e. the firmer you press on the pedals will multiply the power,

AND C) Thumb Throttle assistance. Throttles are fantastic if you wish to ride with no power assist and simply give yourself a boost now and then or; it you have a crook knee, hip, asthma, heart condition or simply need that big nudge to start off - then the throttle will help you get up to speed big time. (They simply take the stress off the body)

All in all, it’s fantastic to see the (old city based) “e Urban” now morphed into a way more aggressive “go get it” X Urban ! Bring it on!

The X Urban is versatile and like the Neo, it comes from the rock solid pedigree of the leading top-selling eBike in NZ.

Smartmotion eBike owners are proud of their e-bikes, as they are NZ designed and developed by award winning designers Anthony Clyde and Darryl Neal.

Smartmotion Bikes are also known for excellent reliability , back up and service. (Smartmotion NZ eBike technologies are like the NZ Rocket lab of the eBike World).

Highly recommended!